Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Our Interactive Phonics Notebook....Chunky Monkey's Gumballs!

Method & Theory:
I am sure you have met our friend Chunky Monkey! Our Chunky Monkey is a big fan of gumballs while reading. He is a fan of every color. In fact, he chooses a different color gumball to help him with difficult word chunks that he is learning. He uses these gumballs when he comes across the different word chunks:

Included in the Bundled Set:

What Good Readers Do:
I can increase my stamina.
I can choose just right books.
I can read every night.
I can read all my sight words.
I can self correct.

Phonemic Awareness:
I can read all my letter sounds.
I can read all my vowel sounds.
I can read rhyming words.
I can count the syllables.
I can read the different sounds of b and d.
I can read CVC words.
I can choose the right vowel sound.
I can read digraphs.
I can read long a vowel sounds.
I can read long e vowels sounds.
I can read long I vowel sounds.
I can read long o vowel sounds.
I can read long u vowel sounds.
I can read CVCe words.
I can catch Bandit Y.
I can read r-controlled vowels.
I can read r-blends.
I can read l-blends.
I can read s-blends.
I can look for diphthongs.
I can look for silent consonants.
I can look for vowel patterns.

I can read with expression.
I can scoop up more words.
I can smooth out my voice.

I can reread to see more.
I can retell stories.

Longer words:
I can read longer words.
I can count the syllables.
I can look for a base word.
I can look for suffixes.
I can look for prefixes.
I can look for compound words.

Reading Strategies:
I can look at the pictures. (Eagle Eye)
I can take a sneak peek. (Eagle Eye)
I can make the beginning sound. (Lips the Fish)
I can blend sounds. (Stretchy Snake)
I can look for word chunks. (Chunky Monkey)
I can “flip” the vowel sound. (Flippy Dolphin)
I can skip the word. (Skippy Frog)
I can keep trying. (Tryin’Lion)
I can ask for help. (Helpful Kangaroo)

Resource Tips:

I use this resource as a supplement to the Read to Self center as well as during Reader’s Workshop as supplemental word work. I am lucky to have a small group set of decodable readers with most of the “word chunks” that are included in this resource. I assign my differentiated groups with a decodable reader to hunt for the word chunks that we are currently working on in our small groups. They love to add to their collection of “gumballs”. After they have met the desired number of words on each page they earn a gumball for their gumball machine.


Printing Tips:

Print double sided beginning with the first worksheet page (short a). The margins are set so that when you assemble double sided copies, the margins will compensate for the binding of either a three-prong folder or binder.

Gumball Dividers:

Don’t forget to use those popular handy library leveling labels as book marks for each “gumball”. You’re going to have to hand-write them. Which can use up a TON of stickers. But I found them for only $1.70 with 1,000 per pack! A small price to pay for driving the point home to our little readers! Not only does it look awesome, but the kiddos will love seeing the collection of their gumballs (tab dividers) grow as you introduce them.

...and more to come!

You can purchase the GROWING set at my TPT store:


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