Tuesday, July 11, 2017

School Store Behavior Incentive System

Click HERE to download an EDITABLE copy of the piggy bank labels
The students earn play coins when appropriate behavior is observed. This is an excellent way to point out desired behaviors in the classroom. Allow the students to serve as role models for their peers.

This is also an excellent method to provide positive reinforcement for individual behavior modification plans. When a target behavior is observed, the student is rewarded with a coin. 

This is also a hands-on way to introduce and reinforce the value of coins.  

Individual piggy banks are made using disposable Tupperware tubs with a small slit cut into the lid large enough for play coins:

You can download the EDITABLE labels HERE and enter your own students' names.
The label looks like this:

To create your school store, purchase the long storage bins that are made to slide under your bed, place four smaller baskets inside and label with coins to help your students shop!

A copy of the label is available in my TPT store:
School Store and Piggy Bank Behavior Incentive System


  1. I love the classroom store idea. It's a great way to incorporate money and how you earn it. My kinders never understood where their lunch money came from. They just thought they could go to breakfast all the time. Then parents would end up with a bill. I am already starting to come up with ideas to use this in my room!

  2. I like how this is a fun and simple way to teach students the concept of money!

  3. This is a really cute idea! Incentives are such motivators for student behavior plus they are learning about the concept of money, money, money, MONEY!! Love the positive reinforcement too! Thanks for sharing fun ways to motivate kids!