Saturday, May 13, 2017

Substitute Teacher Behavior System using Class Dojo

Keep “The Dojo Meter” in your Sub Tub or alongside your substitute plans. This will hold your students accountable for their behavior in your absence.

Your sub will thank you for this classroom behavior management system as they navigate through the school day.

Included are 6 monster themed clip charts and title card.

As a bonus, I have included 2 parent contact forms that your substitute may send home to communicate student behaviors:

1. Behavior Notice listing specific behaviors that were disruptive throughout the day
2. Positive Feedback Form praising students for stellar behavior

When you return to school the next day, meet with the students and praise good behaviors, award the Dojo points earned and privately meet with those who lost Dojo points to reflect on how to make better choices.

I do hope this system alleviates the dread of coming back to your classroom after an absence…with a not-so-happy report about student behaviors and disruptions.

If you would like to download The Dojo Meter for your classroom, visit my TPT store:


  1. I have never used Dojo but I think I'll give it a shot. I like how the sub tub and Dojo go hand in hand! Great idea!!!

  2. MY kids loved Dojo too! Great idea!

  3. This looks brilliant! I'm a substitute teacher myself and would love to enter a classroom with a system like this in place to support me. Clever idea!

  4. I just purchased this and I love it; however, our school changed the colors for each of the levels of the clip chart. For example, Ready to Learn is red for us. Is there anyway to change them to fit our school?