Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Reading Strategy Goals with Beanie Baby Friends

My students absolutely adore our (beanie baby) Reading Friends and poster set!
As I introduce the many reading strategies at the beginning of the year I always have a little help from our "Reading Friends".  Here you can see how Stretchy Snake helps us remember to stretch out the letter sounds we hear in the new words we encounter in our reading:
Stretchy Snake is not our only Reading Strategy friend in our classroom! 
Our reading buddies help the students focus on becoming good readers.  Each of my students is assigned a beanie buddy as a reading goal to start off the year.  Once they have learned the reading strategy their "beanie buddy" they are ready to become best buddies with a new goal. Notice how I post their name next to the poster to remind them of their reading goal.

I can not begin to express how effective this is in my classroom of firsties. They are eager to become friends with the whole clan of Reading Buddies.  They sure do motivate my students to pick up on their helpful tips!  

Try it in your classroom, you'll love it!

You can purchase the 8 poster set at my TPT store: