Friday, February 10, 2017

UPDATED: Letter Sounds Word Wall Set!

Do you know these letter sounds?
They will help you learn to read!

Our word wall has evolved so much throughout the year! It brings me such happiness when I see my young writers looking at the wall to find the words they need in their writing. My emergent readers look at the pictures to help them identify the sounds each letter represents!

After hearing Barbara Milne’s Letter Sounds Song,  I knew my students would love the catchy tune. So I created this Word Wall letter sound set to match the lyrics of the song.

You can find the link to her song at:

Each morning, my students sing the letter sounds song. Two helpers are chosen to point to each letter as we sing. I printed the ABC chart poster-size to help the students follow along: 
It is music to my ears when I hear the children singing the song during our Daily 5 centers and Workshops as they independently work on writing and reading! 
 I also sent home a smaller version in their homework notebook so they could practice with their families!

The set can also be printed two to a page and used as flashcards! The possibilities are endless!

Barbara Milne’s Letter Sounds song can be found at:

If you'd like to purchase the complete set, you can find it at my Tpt store:

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