Monday, May 1, 2017

Ocean Life: Nonfiction Reading and Writing Unit (Determine Importance)

Students read nonfiction to LEARN and to become experts on one topic of study. Most importantly, they celebrate what they have learned by sharing it with others.

Students love to read nonfiction text almost as much as they love to learn about ocean life.

31 different ocean creature templates are included in this resource:

1. Sticky note template for each ocean animal
2. Publishing paper for each ocean animal (one blank page for additional space)
3. Poster for each ocean animal.

Retelling nonfiction text can be difficult for young readers. However, using the Most Important Words (MIW’s) strategy allows students to determine the importance of what is read.

Assign your students with a nonfiction text on a chosen topic. Allow them to peruse the Table of Contents to decide what they wish to learn about.

After reading the chapter, have the students reread to determine which words are “most important”. 

Provide your students with the fun sticky notes included in this resource. Be sure to limit your students to 6 post-it notes to challenge them to record true MIW’s.

Once they have chosen their MIW’s have them practice retelling what they have learned using the MIW’s recorded on their sticky notes.

Now, celebrate their learning by creating a class book on Ocean Creatures using the publishing paper included.

Ocean animals included in this resource:

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