Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Phonics Reading Goals for Emergent Readers

Assign these "I can" statements as individual reading goals 
to hold students accountable for their reading achievement. 

I purchased the beanie babies to match the reading strategy posters.  The kids love them!

Included are a set of phonics based reading goals. Here is a sampling:
 Whenever I conference with a student, and during our guided reading groups we revisit their reading goal and determine if they are ready set a new goal.  I move their star accordingly!  If they have met their goal, I print out a copy of the strategy poster as a reward for them to take home.

And... there are more to come!

I will continue to update the product as I create more goals!

Printing Tips:

Print one per page in color for classroom display
and clip students names according to their personal reading goal. 
Print 2-4 on a page and send home for parent awareness/involvement. 
Print 2-4 on a page and document student growth in a data portfolio. 

You can purchase a complete set at my TPT store:


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