Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Classroom Leveled Library Bins

A leveled library is so important.  Your students WANT to read, they just need to find the Just Right Book!  Leveling your classroom library is such a daunting task, I know!  Just as I finished leveling my third grade library, the following year I was assigned to kindergarten and had to start all over again. But, in all honesty, once you get started, it is a worthwhile task, and you will see a huge difference in your readers!

These are the library labels I created for my kinders to use to find a Just Right Book. Of course, they will only be reading A-E, if that, but I made sure I had them created so the complete set was created.

If you would like to download these library labels for free, go to my age on Teachers Pay Teachers at: Classroom Library Book Bins by Reading Level

Want even more information on leveling your classroom library?

A great tool for leveling your library is the Scholastic Book Wizard, they have most common titles in their database.  This is a good start.  However, you will find that a great deal of the books in your classroom are from previous textbook series your school purchased.  These books are a valuable resource in your classroom, because they often come in sets.  Don't fret there are ways to find their levels too!  Other sites to try are:
Leveled Books Database at  A to Z

Reading A-Z has a great reading correlation chart that will provide you with the various leveling systems out there:

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