Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Write the Room with QR Codes!!!

I've added QR codes to my existing Write the Room series!!
They are now available in with our without QR Codes at my TPT store:

Students love to Write the Room as much as they love to use technology. 
So I thought, why not add QR codes?!?!?

And I did!

These phonics review games are a great opportunity to get your students moving as they hunt the room for words that reinforce the current phonics rule they are studying in their Word Study groups.

After hiding the words around the room, provide your students with a clipboard and the recording sheet. You will see how engaged your students are in their learning.

The students may use a QR reader to check their work. This is a great tool for self assessment and encourages your students to problem solve on their own.

 and I bundled it all up into one product as well: 

Your students will love this!
Here are the links to each product:
The complete set all in one bundle:

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  1. My kids love using QR codes. These look like great products. Thank you.