Sunday, May 28, 2017

On the Road to a Proper Paragraph

Your students will love using this road map for writing a proper paragraph.

Included in this resource is everything you need to visually encourage your students to write a paragraph using proper paragraph structure.

I have found that my first graders truly catch on to paragraph structure when using this model.

They understand that the Topic Sentence is how we start (Ready, Set, Go!).

When we write our detail sentences we really need to slow down and give our readers enough information to understand our main idea.  The time order words help us "move the story along the road".

And finally, our closing sentence is the stopping point of our paragraph where we remind our reader of our main idea.  This sentence is often a feeling sentence.

If you would like to download this bulletin board set for your own classroom, 
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2 bulletin board titles:
  • “Proper Paragraph Structure” (road sign lettering)
  • “On the Road to a Proper Paragraph” road sentence strip
Time Order Word Cars:
  • 8 ½ by 11 sized cars
  • 1 LARGE Wavy Road Map including Topic and Closing Sentence street signs (simple assembly required)
Desk Plates:
  • Wavy Road Map desk plates. Your students will LOVE using these!
Stop light:
  • One 8 ½ by 11 sized stoplight featuring the parts of a paragraph
  • One over-sized stoplight featuring the parts of a paragraph (simple assembly required)
  • 1. Wavy road (easily connected)
  • 2. Straight road
Street signs:
  • Paragraph Pl. street sign
  • 2. The Write Way street sign
Writing Paper:
  • Wavy Road Writing Paper with title and author name
  • Wavy Road Writing Paper full page of lines

Here is how it might look in your classroom:

If you would like to download this bulletin board set for your own classroom, 
please visit my TpT store at:


  1. I have never seen paragraph structure taught this way! As a visual learner myself, I can see how it benefit the visual learners. Although, I can definitely see the endless reach it can have on various other types of learners as well. LOVE THIS!!!!

    1. Thanks, Carmen! This approach definitely DRIVES my students to write more and more!

  2. Awesome.... I love the theme...On the Road, The WRITE Way!!! What a fantastic idea! I love how ready, set, go are used for the topic sentence and how the details and transition words "move" the story along. The kids must love this and probably never forget it. what an effective way to teach paragraph writing. I still had to teach paragraph writing to my 2nd and 3rd classes. I'm going to share this!

  3. Thanks so much Christine! I truly appreciate your kind words. This idea for the "Road Map" to paragraph writing started small but through the years it just grew and grew. It truly is effective and it would definitely work with your 2nd and 3rd graders. I used this analogy when I taught 3rd grade 8 years ago! I didn't have the graphics then, just construction paper cars! :) Thanks again for your feedback!