Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Sub Tub: A Must Have for Alleviating Stress When Calling in Sick!

How many of us have dragged ourselves to work when we were not feeling well to avoid having to write sub plans?

Or if you are a mother like myself, there have been numerous where one of my three sons suddenly develop a fever after having a simple cold. In these situations, it is impossible to know to plan ahead for a substitute.

In the past, I have had to bundle up a sick child in snowy Buffalo and take them to work with me in the morning just so I could take the day off to care for them. Nothing worse than mother’s guilt... and as a second runner up, not being there for your students.

No more worries!
No more stress!

The Sub Tub was created to alleviate this stress and guilt. 

Before the school year begins, I prepare several standalone lessons for each content area that will enrich or review what we have already learned throughout the school year. I try to choose activities that will engage my students to eliminate potential discipline problems.

Your substitute will thank you. The lessons included in The Sub Tub offer them the opportunity to utilize their own creative lesson delivery strategies. In addition, they can choose which lessons to teach based on their own comfort zone.

If you would like to download the tab dividers and storage label featured in the photograph, visit my TpT store:
The Organized Sub Tub: Stress Free Substitute Teacher Plans

You may also like to include a classroom Behavior System for your substitute to use in your absence. If you use the Class Dojo, this one is perfect: 


  1. This is great! There have been way too many morning where I'm typing plans at 6:00 am because my little one had a fever! I'm definitely going to be implementing a Sub Tub for the coming school year. :)

  2. I have been there and it's the worst. Sometimes I would go to work myself when I was so sick bc making sub plans was so much work. I love this and have a sub tub of my own but not as nice as yours. We should create a bundle of lesson plans that could be used k-5. I have general plans made us for grades 2-3 which I am sure could adapt them to lower and upper grades. Thanks for sharing your sub tub!!!

    1. That is an awesome idea, Christine! Collaboration at its finest! Summer project?

  3. Love it! I had a sub tub when I was in the classroom and those days I did have to be out-it made it so easy!

  4. It's nice seeing collaboration! Plan ahead is the best way to have rest.