Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"You're a Smart Cookie" Jar Label: A Tasty Classroom Incentive

Show your students they are a "smart cookie" each and every day! This tasty incentive system will prove to be a a great motivational tool in your classroom.

Your students will rise to meet your expectations for ONE single "smart cookie". It's the little things...that motivate!

Simple, yet effective!

3 different "Smart Cookie" Labels to choose from:

You will also need one box of Cookie Crisp cereal. ;)

I utilize this incentive system for improving sight word fluency. You can learn more about it here: A Differentiated Sight Word Fluency System.

Or, you can see the Smart Cookie Jar in action during our Read To Self Share Time with this FREEBIE THINKmark available at Read to Self THINKmark.

I would love to hear how you utilize this tasty incentive system in your classroom.  Please share your ideas in the comments below!  


  1. This is super cute and is such a great way to motivate students. What a great incentive to improve sight word fluency. You are one smart cookie for thinking of this. I bet your kiddos love it! They must be smart cookies!

    P.S. I tried this with my son over the summer and it only back fired because he and my hubby couldn't stop eating the cereal. Hehe!!!

  2. I am seriously LOL at this! I have to be honest, I snack on them during my planning period! I have to hide them from myself!