Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Word Wall

Every Day is a Great Day in Grade K!

Our word wall has evolved so much throughout the year!  It brings me such happiness when I see my young writers looking at the wall to find the words they need in their writing.  My emergent readers look at the pictures to help them identify the sounds each letter represents!

When planning my word wall, my teammates introduced me to the letter sound song.  It has quite a catchy tune!  (apple, apple, a a a)  Barbara Milne’s Letter Sounds song can be found at

Each morning, my kindergartners sing the letter sounds song.  To help them identify the letter and sound, I created an alphabet chart that included images to go along with the song.  I also sent home a smaller version in their homework notebook so they could practice at home! The alphabet chart was printed poster-size like in the photo below.

I also created a poster for each letter instead of using my store bought alphabet set for our word wall.  The children use it during Working on Writing.

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